Houses and wine estates

The Men and Women of Cru Liraccommitment, humility and passion”


the actors of our Cru put their heart and their energy to bring the terroir to life. In the Lirac appellation area, there are around 60 winemaking structures.

producers and merchants are committed to always further developing the quality of wines. The work begins in the vineyard to obtain the best possible quality grapes every year despite the vagaries of the weather. The final goal being to produce good quality grapes while respecting the ecosystem, work in the vineyard therefore includes a limitation of inputs, respect for the soil and microfauna, and a limitation of viticultural effluents. The Lirac vineyard is small but remains concerned about its environment.

Tasting a bottle of Lirac means appreciating a complete quality approach, which is part of the work in the vineyard and ends with the work in the cellar.